Here you can find out a little more about what we do, the different committees you can be involved in, and what events we'll have coming up. If you like art, there's a place for you here!

"A painting that is well composed is half finished."
- Pierre Bonnard

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Art Events

As part of the Art Events committee, we host several themed walk-in Art-Ins every semester in Harrison College House - offering canvases, paint, watercolors, felt, stickers, other art supplies, and food free for all Penn students. During second semester, we showcase works of art from the entire Penn student body in our Spring Art Show, hosting an opening night with live music and refreshments. We also arrange Saxbys Artist of the Month installations that allows our talented students to have their work admired - and potentially sold to interested Saxbys customers!

Art Speakers at Penn

The Art Speakers at Penn series brings artists and art world professionals to campus on a monthly basis for intimate discussions with students over a free dinner from a local eatery. Typically, artists present an overview of their work/practice accompanied by their reflections on their personal progression to their current field, allowing plenty of time for questions. The Art Speakers committee collaborates with Harrison College House and SPEC Conaissance to bring as diverse a set of speakers to campus as possible, and the sessions are a great resource for those students who are unsure just how they want to incorporate the fine arts into their post-grad lives.

Public Arts

Public Arts Committee facilitates a public display of art and increases the presence of art throughout Penn's campus. We work on mural paintings in different dorms so all students can see art as they walk by. We also help other clubs aesthetically by introducing art in various ways. Whether by creating banners for other clubs or designing pieces of art for club awareness, we aim to help bring art to the public community.

Community Outreach

Art Club's Community Outreach program works to share our volunteers' time and talent to instill a love and appreciation for art in the children of our local Philadelphia community. We meet in Saxby's at 4:00pm on Fridays before walking over to Lea Elementary to teach an arts and crafts class, and we are also working on expanding to add another class at a different school to our weekly schedule. New volunteers are always welcome! Contact Brian McNeely at bmcneely@seas.upenn.edu for details.

Hill Studio

Hill Art Studio, located in the Underground of Hill College House, is a free-to-use studio stocked with all the art supplies you need for your projects. Open during regular Underground hours, it is a great place to go and take a much needed study break. Contact the studio's directors or come to one of our open houses to get access. See you there!


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